Read The Peregrine. This book is unique; I have never read anything like it before.

The way Baker uses english is beyond poetic. At first it seems like a put-on: is this book really a journal, without plot or direction, and full of this absurd writing? Slowly my requirement for structure fades in his descriptions of the English countryside, until I am with him under every tree, gazing through the same binoculars, sharing the same hill. His words are the beauty of wildflowers, swaying and shining in the sun, resilient in the gray green rain of spring, and violent as thistle thorns dashed by gale winds.

My god, this book is good. Read it slowly, savor every sentence. Let the book take its time with you. Read it in quiet moments, first in the morning and right before sleep.

Hat tip to But She’s a Girl for the recommendation.